My partner revoked in diamonds but the revoke card, a club, did not win the trick. Subsequently he played another diamond which did win the trick, and we also won other tricks on that board. What should be the penalty for this revoke?

We called the Director and, at the end of that hand, he transferred 2 tricks to the other side. I thought that only one trick should be transferred as the revoke card had not won the trick. However, we were told that although the card which should have been played would not have won, the remaining diamond did win, so that was deemed to be the revoke card. Thus two tricks were transferred. Is this correct, please?

I understand that the revoke trick is the one in which the wrong card is played, and not any subsequent trick in that suit, so I am confused.


  • Law 64A2 transfers 1 trick automatically to the none-offending side. Not more.
    The TD must always look at Law 64C1 to determine if the none-offending side had more damage related to the revoke. If so, then the TD has to find out how much the damage was and adjust the score according to that.

  • 11255: your TD appears to be ruling from the 1997 Law Book which was superseded in 2008 (and again this year).
    We should all be aware of the dangers of ruling from memory rather than reading the law from a (current) Law Book.

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