Incorrect traveller

Traveller stated contact 3NT+4 13 tricks but score is 640. Which should be used?
In reality contract was 5D+2 but everyone else was in NT hence error, it shouldn't happen but does.


  • Ideally the scorer/TD should try to contact the players.
    The Club TD course did teach the TD to use the numeric score when there is a contradiction. This is on the basis that when scoring by hand (paper and pencil) the scorer will only read the numeric score and need not be looking at the contract.

  • We do try to encourage players to draw attention to possible mis-scorings before the end of the evening (rather than finding a question mark when you get home). But when faced with 2NT made 8 scored as -100 and no way of checking with players or any obvious 'right answer' I tend to split the score: 120 / -100 and note the fact when the results are published so that an aggrieved party can request a corretion

  • Seems very harsh, when it is an agreed method to take the score. Perhaps a New Year's resolution: be kinder to the customers! This also applies to your approach to angled bidding cards be nice!

  • Apologies for the delay in replying but I had such a Happy New Year that I have only just got round to logging on again :) :) :)

    Our Club never has had this 'agreed method'; our scorers have always been asked to check scores against contracts and now ScoreBridge does this when entering travellers manually.

    Anyway is it so harsh to give N/S a poor score (when they wrote a score that is possibly incorrect and is to their advantage) and not just their unlucky opponents? But really it is just a way of getting the players, when I email them, to produce a speedy reply.

  • The score on a board is entered by N/S onto traveller or into BM or equivalent and checked by E/W. Both sides are equally responsible for correct scores so any method that penalises N/S more is unfair.

    Anyway, there is a generally accepted method. If your club wishes to adopt a harsher method, feel free, but I think it not unreasonable for me to point out it is harsh.

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