Hands Incorrectly Re-Boarded

During a 10 table skip Mitchell on one Board the hands were returned to the board in the wrong slots after Round 2 but not realised until the end of the session. Is the correct scoring to Foul the Board on the 7 occasions it was played incorrectly so that you end up with 2 sub-fields?

However doing this in EBU Score produces an expected a total of 56 Mps for the sub-field of 7, (average of 9 results (8) multiplied by 7 as the number of results in the group) but a total of 19.2 for the sub-field of 2. I was expecting to see the total for this sub-field to be 16.

Am I doing something wrong?


  • EBUScore uses the 'small subfield formula' for sub-fields of 2 or 3 results.
    With two scores: the higher result gets 65% and the lower 55%,
    The total match points awarded is 120%. (120% x 16 = 19.2)

    See EBU White Book section

  • Many thanks Robin, much appreciated.

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