Apps which can read .pbn files

Does anyone know of a good App that will allow you to replay hands on a phone?
The BSOnline facility accessible via Bridgewebs is fine on a tablet but isn't optimised for use on a phone.
I have a student who is keen to review hands whilst out and about.
This is to replay hands already played at Club, hence for which there is a .pbn file available.
Thanks for any advice


  • If you're using BridgeMates, the companion BridgeMate app is quite useful, and one of its features lets players replay hands. It's a time-limited free download (6 months, IIRC), after which it's a fairly modest annual subscription for the player. It does need the club to signup online to use it as well though (free for the club), and upload sessions as-you-play (you can manually upload past sessions through BCS).

    I vaguely recall that English Bridge has published a few reviews of bridge apps, but can't remember which issue(s).

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