Wondered what the current thinking was on this - especially Eastbourne 2020

I just wondered what the outlook was for there being a whole 10 days in Eastbourne 2020?
I normally have accommodation booked by now for the whole period and am holding back in case of radical change...
No problem if it's still 'work in progress' as I'm glad the EBU are taking time to get it right

Peter Bushby Suffolk


  • HI Peter,

    We are expecting to launch the new look for Eastbourne soon, with entry forms provided at the Year End congresses. It will run on the scheduled dates, but all evening sessions will start at 7pm and the Saturdays will run from about 11am to 7pm, with a further serious fast pairs game at 9pm. Monday-Tuesday will be a four-session championship pairs event, but with the possibility of playing in some sessions but not all. Wednesday-Thursday afternoons will be a two-session teams event with Pachabo (Patton) scoring. There will be no separate seniors events, which we hope will encourage larger fields for the mid-week events, but there will be seniors and handicapped prizes for several events.

    There will be a very generous (limited) special offer for those who have never played at the Summer Meeting in Eastbourne. Perhaps some of those who haven't played since Brighton will be tempted to come and see for themselves!

  • Hi Gordon
    Thanks! That sounds well thought through and really exciting!

    Peter Bushby Suffolk

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