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Hello ,

A pair is playing the precision style of a partnership understanding. Their 1cl opening is 16+ any distribution.
but the responses to it cover multiple meanings. ( they are all alerted accordingly)

The part of their bidding structure is in the attached file. The problem is the oppenents are unable to defend properly
due to the multiple meanings of the responses.

I am not sure if this sort of biddng is allowed in EBL.

Your comments are very much appreciated



  • I can only comment for the EBU understandings in the Blue Book - any response is allowed at level 4 and any bid showing 16+ points is also allowed.

  • Under EBU rules, this would be legal at Level 4 (Blue Book 7B1ii for the 1!c opening, 6B1 for the responses) and also the obsolete Level 3 (Blue Book 8B1, 8D1); because it is legal at Level 4, it is also legal at Level 5. It would not be legal at Level 2 (6C3 disallows weak responses to 1!c other than negative responses and 1NT, and some of those responses are "could be weak" but not negatives).

  • At WBF Cat 3 and at EBU Level 4, all responses to opening bids are permitted. Without looking at the EBL or even the ABF sites (I recollect that you are in Australia), I would be surprised if I were to be told that either use anything other than the WBF categories.

    Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live

  • Just to confirm what others have said, any responses to a strong 1!C (in fact, any responses to any opening bid) are allowed in the EBU, the EBL and the WBF.

    The only place I've played where there were restrictions on responses was the US.

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