Split score - White book query

I'm trying to implement weighted and split scoring and I'm using the description in the White Book, dated 29 July 2019, page 79.

Under section (b) it gives an example of a split score, showing two frequency tables, one for the NS pairs and one for the EW pairs.

In the NS table it shows the master points allocated for a score of -100 for the NS pair as 6. However under the table it states:

N/S get N/S -100 = 5.0

Shouldn't that be 6.0?


  • I think you may be right, though I'm sure Robin will comment and correct it if necessary.

  • I tried it in EBU Score and it gave NS 6. Though I could have made a mistake.

    Peter Bushby Suffolk

  • When I try it I also get 6. My frequency tables match the examples in the section.

  • My first thought is that this is a typo or thinko or transcription error.

    The 5.0 should be 6.0 from the 6 in the upper of the two preceding tables (not the 5 from the lower table)

    It will be corrected - unless I have second thoughts.

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