WBF Systems Policy describes a weak hand as one below average strength, i.e. 9 HCP (or lower). If a pair describes a bid, say an opening of 2S, as 'weak', are they also obliged to mention the point range within 0-9 or can they leave it blank, implying that it can be anywhere between 0-9 HCP?


  • The WBF Systems Card, like the EBU 20B card, does not specifically require more than "weak", though the old 20A card had a space to mark HCP range. The EBU Blue Book does not have a definition for "weak", other than that quoted in the WBF Systems Policy which relates only to Level 5.

    It is normal in England for those few partnerships playing an agreed weak range that goes lower than 5 HCP for any particular call to disclose this clearly as this is potentially unexpected. In my experience, these calls tend to be Multi 2 !d where the weak options can be very weak, and 2-level openings showing both majors that can be very weak. These calls are alerted in EBU-land and not announced.

    Using your example of a 2 !s opening that could be as weak as 0 HCP, I would expect this to be shown clearly on a WBF or EBU 20B System Card and, in EBU-land, announced as weak to very weak.

    Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live

  • System cards should show the agreed range, if there is one.
    The EBL have become very picky recently requiring HCP ranges for all pre-empts to be shown on the card.

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