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Hi Everyone

I've been thinking about developing a "how to" App for EBUScore, aimed at helping people at all levels through scenarios that are unfamiliar to them.

There's a "proof of concept" that only cover a single section, single session pairs event using Bridgemates here:

If you are so inclined, please have a look and feedback whether you think such a thing would be useful, either to yourself or to other EBUScore users - especially those less experienced.

At this stage I'm not really after "it would be nice / better if it could do this", or "this is wrong" - that comes later. This is just to assess whether it's worth developing beyond the proof of concept.

A final version would cover multi session, multi section, pairs as well as teams and swiss teams, and possibly even movement selection.

Thanks for your time



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    Hi Jeremy
    First of all well done for trialling this and producing an impressive proof of concept which I've downloaded and tried.
    My personal feeling is that whilst impressed I doubt its value.
    This is because in my experience people learn better by hands on experience, either in a training room and/or by sitting next to an experienced person a few times then taking their place whilst the experienced person watches.
    We adapt our training from the tutorial produced by Oxford Bridge Club and distribute the PDF afterwards.
    I would prioritise EBUScore help screens, or You-Tube videos, or even video-conference sessions above development of the App.
    Sorry if this is negative but you asked for feedback and I am open to being persuaded by other viewpoints
    It is impressive and I admire your skill

    Peter Bushby Suffolk

  • Hi Peter

    Thanks for taking the time to respond - your feedback is much appreciated.

    The idea for this came about when I had to do a two session pairs all play all event. I can breeze through a single session with my eyes closed, but wasn't quite sure of the things that needed doing for a two session event, nor the order in which they needed doing. I ended up doing multiple checklists and still having to double check everything on the day.

    This isn't meant to be a training tool (as you rightly point out it's not suitable). It's meant to be a virtual checklist / aide memoir / "comfort blanket" for directors doing unfamiliar things.

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