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Team captain instructions

As a captain of a knockout team, you have the ability to submit results for the matches that you play directly into the system. You do this through My EBU, which is the updated version of the EBU's members area. For help on how to log into your account, see Accessing EBUKnockout.

List of teams

You will find EBUKnockout under the Utilities menu in My EBU. It will look a little like this:

This lists the name of the Knockout event, with your team's name in parentheses. The icon at the far left tells you if you are the captain of this team, or just a player. Only captains are able to amend team details, and submit results. The window/globe icon links you directly to the public results pages for this knockout.

Knockout page

Clicking on the link for a knockout takes you to the following information page:

This has several sections. At the top we see the team name and another link to the public results page. The checkboxes below say whether the team was seeded, or if they were unseeded but later became seeded after defeating a seed.

Below this is the team roster, which lists all of the players on the team, along with whether they are a captain and how many matches they have played.

Further down is a list of all the matches the team has played, or is scheduled to play.

Finally, there are two sections which allow you to give some information to your opposition captains:

Contact Information tells them how they can get in touch with you. In most knockout competitions, captains are expected to arrange their matches privately, so this is where you will add your email or telephone information if the event organiser hasn't done this for you. Only the captains of your opposition teams can see this information.

Venue Information tells your opposition how they can get to your home venue. You can add your address here, a Google Maps link, or anything you like. Again, only the captains of your opposition teams can see this information.

You can edit both these sessions by changing the text and clicking Save.

Amend team roster

If you are a team captain and the event organiser has unlocked this permission for your event, you will be able to add and remove players from your team yourself. To do this, click on the Add or remove players link below the last team member in the list. If you do not see this link, that means that this is not available in your event. You will have to inform the event organiser of all roster changes that you wish to make.

Clicking on the link brings you to a form like this:

To add a new member of the team, enter their EBU number and surname into the boxes, and click Add Player.

To remove an existing member, click on the red cross next to their name. Note that if they have played a match, or if they are a captain, you cannot do this and the red cross will be greyed out.

Once you have made your changes, click Save Changes to confirm them.

You cannot assign a new captain, or revoke someone's captaincy. If you wish to do this, you will have to talk to the event organiser.


You can view a match, or submit the result, by clicking on the match in the match list. Here is an example match:

At the top of this form, you will see the opposition Contact/Venue Information. This is the information that they filled in for themselves, and which you now have access to because you have been drawn together.

To submit a result, simply fill in the form.

Match date is the date that the match was played, not the date that the result is submitted.

You can make a result a walkover by checking the box and giving any score to the winning team (it will automatically change it to 1-0). A walkover is a match that is not actually played, usually because one team conceded or was thrown out.

It's necessary to enter the number of boards that each player played, as this will affect masterpoint awards at the end of the season.

When you're happy with the information you have entered, click on Submit.

Note: both captains can amend this data. If you disagree with the score entered by your opposition captain, please contact the event organiser to resolve it.

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