Direct Membership Refunds

In order to receive a refund on a Direct Membership fee that they have paid at the start of the year (1st April), any members joining an affiliated club must be registered with the EBU as a member of that club before 1st July. Anyone joining a club after 1st July will not receive a refund on their Direct Membership.

Therefore please ensure that any new members are promptly added to your list of members that the EBU holds – and particularly in the spring. For help on how to make updates watch video 2 here:

If there is anyone who plays at your club who alternates between being a direct member and paying a membership to your club then you may wish to pass on this information to them.

Please note that refunds on Direct Membership will only be available to those becoming a member of an affiliated club – they will not be processed for other reasons (e.g. cancelling as they are no longer playing bridge).