Martin Hoffman

Martin Hoffman is reputedly the best pairs player in the world, and has enjoyed a long string of successes both in the UK and abroad. He was also the winner of ‘Master Bridge’, the 1982 Channel 4 TV tournament contested by bridge stars such as Omar Sharif , Zia Mahmood and Rixi Markus.

Most of my time, is spent playing bridge. I only ever play professionally, and am not worried by the standard of my partners. I am not worried by their nationality either: I have partnered players from the UK, the US, India, Iran, France, Austria, Germany – wherever they happen to be from, as long as they are pleasant people and don’t mind paying my fees! I am available for rubber and duplicate, club and congress events everywhere in the world. This does not leave much time for family life, but Audrey is very supportive and does not mind keeping herself busy teaching bridge and playing tennis or golf. We don’t have children, but are lucky in that we could always play parents (now grandparents) to our friends’ offsprings. I really enjoy the company of children and love telling them stories and keeping them entertained. Although they tend to go off me as they grow up, they have well repaid my interest in them. It was because of my friendship with their little girl that my Finchley family took me in and gave me a start in my English life, and later, another little girl was key to another rewarding friendship, with her parents, Judy Dench and Michael Williams. Lovely people – but what a shame they did not play bridge!

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Crockfords winner: 1981

Spring Foursomes winner: 1969 and 1976

Brighton Pairs, Harold Poster Cup: 1970 1987 and 2011

Easter Congress Guardian Trophy winner : 1969 1976 and 1982

National Pairs winner: 1966

Hubert Phillips Bowl winner: 1970

Tollemache Cup winner: 1967