Open & Women trail at halfway point in Chennai

The Open and Women's teams both trail at the halfway point of the semi-finals of the World Championships.

The Open team started badly against Poland, and fell 27 IMPs behind after seven boards. They have turned things round since then, however, including 'winning' the third session. They are now only 10.7 IMPs behind, with 48 boards to play.

The Women's team have more work to do in the second half, as France lead by 46 IMPs. The first set was relatively tight, but the last two went in France's favour, and England will be hoping for a fast start in the morning session.

All three sessions of both matches on Wedneday are on BBO. Good luck to both teams.

The NPC's have contributed numerous blogs over the last few days, and some of the Open Team have recorded video 'play problems'. The links are available below.

RR Total267.18274.33259.93
Position4 / 225 / 225 / 22
215 ‑ 195
225 ‑ 184
196 ‑ 219.5
Tue 6th, 06:30SF1Poland
21 ‑ 41
25 ‑ 28
Tue 6th, 10:00SF2Poland
23 ‑ 29
21 ‑ 43
Tue 6th, 12:40SF3Poland
40 ‑ 29
22 ‑ 37
Wed 7th, 06:30SF4PolandSF4France
Wed 7th, 10:00SF5PolandSF5France
Wed 7th, 12:40SF6PolandSF6France
Score88.3 - 9968 - 114
Blogs5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 98 | 9 | 10 | 1110 | 11 | 12 | 13
The teams representing England can be seen using the 'read more' link.

As usual you can watch matches on Bridge Base Online. The NPC's of the teams have been writing blogs which you can read here.

Seniors lose in quarter-finals of World Championships

The England Senior team have finished as losing quarter-finalists in the World Championships, in Chennai. Competing for the D'Orsi Trophy, which five of the team won in 2009, they completed the round-robin phase in fifth place having topped the table in the early stages of the competition. They then played Poland in the quarter-final, and fell behind early, but pulled back IMPs steadily, and entering the final session they trailed by 11.5. Things didn't go their way in the final session, however, and they were ultimately defeated by 23.5 IMPs.

The team was:
Paul Hackett & David Mossop; Gunnar Hallberg & John Holland; David Price & Colin Simpson; NPC: Simon Cochemé

NPC Simon Cocheme (along with the other England NPCs) was blogging throughout the event, and his reports and anecdotes can be read here.

Dyke & Byrne win Great Northen Swiss Pairs

The Great Northern Swiss Pairs, held on 3rd-4th October, was won by Kieran Dyke (London) & Michael Byrne (Manchester).

The event, run by the Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association on behalf of the EBU, was played over 12 rounds, with Kieran & Michael winning 11 of their matches. They finished on 191 VPs, 24 VPs ahead of second place. Tom Cohen & Sarah Teshome (both Yorkshire), who won ten matches, were second, and Alan Hayward & Tom Copeland (both Yorkshire), who also only lost twice, were a further 2 VPs back in third.

The Improvers Pairs, which was held on the Sunday afternoon, was won by Joan Eager & Brian Eager (both Yorkshire). They finished on 64.77%, with John Attree & Peter Allison (both Lancashire) second on 63.19%.

EBUScore now available

We are pleased to announce that EBUScore is now available.

EBUScore is the new name for the software developed by Jeff Smith, and which has previously carried the names PairsScorer and TeamsScorer. It is available free of charge to affiliated clubs. Information is available here, and this help site carries information on switching to, and using, EBUScore.

Whilst we hope that EBUScore will become the standard for our affiliated clubs, there is no necessity to switch to it unless your club wishes to do so.

English winners in IBPA Awards

The International Bridge Press Association have announced the winners of their annual awards, with a prize going to an English combination. The Junior Deal of the Year was awarded to a hand played by Under 20 players Ben Norton & Freddie Illingworth, at the 15th International Championship of the Czech Republic of School and Junior Teams, and written by Michael Byrne.

A number of other english players and journalists were included in the nominations. The winning report, and the other nominees, can be seen in the IBPA document.

IBPA award winners

New Editor of English Bridge appointed

We are pleased to announce that Lou Hobhouse has been appointed the new editor of English Bridge. She has already begun working on her first issue, which will be February 2016.

Lou is based in Somerset where she has a nomadic bridge school. She has been teaching for over eight years. She plays regularly at 'Lovely Langport' bridge club and occasionally at Yeovil, Taunton and Wells.

Lou started her career working for the Financial Times, latterly for the newsletter department. In 1998 she was the launch editor of a 'rather dry' monthly magazine called Asian Infrastructure which continued to occupy her for about 10 years. Talking about her new appointment she said, "it's very exciting to be working on a magazine where the content focuses on my all-consuming passion, and a real privilege to be hob-nobbing with such great and clever contributors".

October issue of English Bridge out now

The October issue of English Bridge has been sent to all eligible members, and is also available to read online for those members who have not accumulated enough magazine points to receive a printed version, those who prefer to read a digital version, or those members who wish to access the ‘web content’ to which the magazine links.

For more information on accessing our online magazine archive, please read on...

Judicial Review in to whether bridge is a sport has concluded

The Judicial Review in to Sport England's position that bridge should not be considered a 'sport' took place at the High Court on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd September.

It is expected that the ruling will be made in the next few weeks.

The most recent Press Release from the EBU, summarising some of the points which were made during the case, is available here.

To read, watch, and listen to, some of the media coverage, please read on...

World's top players accused of cheating

The international bridge world has again been stunned by accusations of cheating. Claims have been made against the top ranked players in the world, Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes, with suggestions made that the orientation of the card when they make their opening lead gives an indication as to their holding in the suit. The information and 'evidence' was revealed in an article on the Bridge Winners website. This follows the accusations made against Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz.

Update: Accusations made against Alex Smirnov & Josef Piekarek of the German term, have led to them acknowledging previous unethical behaviour. Germany have withdrawn from the forthcoming Bermuda Bowl, as have Monaco and Israel (following the Fantoni/Nunes and Fisher/Schwartz allegations). Their places in the competition have been taken by Sweden, Denmark and France.

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