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We also produced a quarterly online newsletter for clubs - Club Management Focus - and past issues are collated here.

Since April 2010, the EBU has been funded through Universal Membership which means that anyone playing in an EBU-affiliated club (provided they are a member of that club) automatically becomes a member of the EBU and pays a small subscription amount each time they play.

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Club News

EBUScore software update available

A software update for EBUScore was made available to download on 31st March, with version 1.1.5 introduced. If you haven’t yet updated your software you may wish to do so. The update is available via My EBU.

This update includes the re-introduction of code 11 for the submission of ‘social sessions’. For more information on using this code see here.

EBU makes donations to Macmillan Cancer Support and EBED

The EBU is pleased to have made donations to Macmillan Cancer Support and English Bridge Education and Development, on behalf of its members.

Whenever a club holds a charity event a special, reduced licence fee is paid to the EBU, and the EBU periodically donates the collated fees to charity. The funds collected for the financial year 2014/15 have been donated to Macmillan to support their work, with £1343.50 given to help fund more nurses and therapists to help people through cancer treatment.

The funds for 2015/16 - £1191.61 - have been donated to EBED, the national charity for bridge, to help support the development of the game in England and bring the benefits the game offers to a wider audience.

Submission Code 11 re-introduced

The EBU has re-introduced session submission Code 11 to meet the need of several thriving bridge clubs that offer inclusive supervised sessions to their members. These sessions are not Novice sessions (as more than 10% of the players have more than 1000 Master Points) but as supervision is given, it is not appropriate to award Master Points or grade the sessions for NGS. Sessions submitted under Code 11 will be charged full UMS but not submitted for NGS grading and Master Points will not be awarded. The sessions do qualify for magazine points. The Code 11 will also be available for purely social sessions where the players do not want to be graded and Master Points are not awarded.

If you need any further information on submission codes, please contact our Club Liaison Officer, Bev Puvis - or 01296 317206.