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Since April 2010, the EBU has been funded through Universal Membership which means that anyone playing in an EBU-affiliated club automatically becomes a member of the EBU and pays a small subscription amount each time they play.

If your club is not yet affiliated read about the Benefits of Affiliation. To affiliate complete the Application Form.

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Our Club Liaison Officer, Andrew Urbanski, is always available to give advice and assistance to clubs. You can contact him by emailing

Andrew’s role is to support all the EBU affiliated clubs in England (over 600 of them!) and he has visited over 50 clubs since his appointment in May 2012. If you would like to arrange a visit from Andrew to discuss the services which the EBU provides for clubs then please let him know.

Club News

Changes to Player Session Rates codes from 1st October

As outlined in the recent Club Management Focus newsletter and in the new Master Point and Licensing Handbook, there are changes to Player Session Rates (PSR’s) 04, 11 & 22 coming into effect. These are the codes currently used for submitting results of the various different types of teaching/supervised play sessions.

The EBU Board have decided to simplify the structure because under the old structure players who didn’t pay (and may have received help) were awarded Master Points, while those who paid half-price didn’t receive any. Hence the decision to remove PSR’s 04 and 11 from 1st October 2014.

PSR 22 will remain and be the only code for submitting supervised play or training sessions but clubs which do not wish to register such training sessions do not have to do so. In other words, if the players do not wish to earn magazine points then the club can choose not to register these sessions. Please note that if an individual wishes to become an EBU member in order to receive the EBU magazine and enjoy the other benefits of EBU membership then they can always join as a ‘Direct Member’ – see

If you require any further clarification then please don’t hesitate to our Club Liaison Officer, Andrew Urbanski, by emailing or calling 01296 317206.

Documents to help clubs become charities now available

The EBU is pleased to announce that it has worked with the Charity Commission to develop an approved governing document and support materials for bridge clubs applying to register as charities. We hope that this work with the Charity Commission will be of great benefit to those clubs who are interested in pursuing charitable status.

Bridge clubs can be registered as charities following the Charities Act 2006 which recognised that it is "charitable to advance amateur sports or games, which promote health by involving physical or mental skill or exertion". Once a club has received charitable status it will find it easier to apply to schemes run by public, grant-making trusts and local government, as well as gaining tax relief on some of its activities.

The documents and materials for clubs applying to register as charities are available once a club has logged-in to the members area of the website. Anyone needing further information should contact our Club Liaison Officer, Andrew Urbanski, by emailing or calling 01296 317206.

The charity English Bridge Education and Development began operating in April, and is working towards growing the game nationally and building the infrastructure which will make that aim a reality. For more information on its activities please visit the website, contact, or call 01296 317218.

Autumn Sim Pairs now supporting EBED charity

The Autumn Simultaneous Pairs will this year be organised by English Bridge Education and Development CIO, with the EBU running the event and acting as its agent for entry fees. The funds raised from the event will go to the charity to help in its mission: the furtherance of bridge as an activity which enriches the life of all, and, secondly, a specific aim to foster bridge among those in full-time education.

Furtherance of the charity’s work depends upon the involvement of as many of you as possible in fund-raising events such as this. More details of the charity’s programmes, as well as information on how you can contribute, will soon be available via the charity’s website. Alternatively contact

The event takes place throughout the week of 8th-12th September. Clubs should enter via the EBU website. Members interested in playing can find lists of all the clubs taking part on the EBU website.

Dip Your Toe In affiliates with the EBU

Welcome to Dip You Toe In, which has today affiliated with the EBU.

Dip Your Toe In is a club for less experienced, improving and intermediate players, and meets on Tuesdays in Taverham, near Norwich. Visitors are welcome, but individual players should contact the club in advance to try to arrange a partner.