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Since April 2010, the EBU has been funded through Universal Membership which means that anyone playing in an EBU-affiliated club (provided they are a member of that club) automatically becomes a member of the EBU and pays a small subscription amount each time they play.

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Club News

Young Chelsea BC recognised as a charity

We are pleased to report that the Young Chelsea Bridge Club in London has been recognised as a charity by the Charity Commission. This will assist them in their promotion of bridge within the community, and also as they seek to establish new premises in which to play and teach.

It joins a growing list of bridge clubs and County Associations which have been recognised as charities. In addition the English Bridge Education and Development charity is working towards growing the game nationally and building the infrastructure which will make that aim a reality. For more information on its activities please visit the website, contact, or call 01296 317218.

Earlier this month the EBU announced the work it has done with the Charity Commission to develop an approved governing document and support materials for bridge clubs applying to register as charities. This will hopefully enable more clubs to receive this recognition. More information is available via the link below, or from the Club Liaison Officer, Andrew Urbanski - or 01296 317206.

Updated information on Novice Session rates

In addition to the information in the news item below, after further deliberations the situation with regard to Novice Sessions will be as follows from 01 October 2014:

1) Novice Sessions may now be more than 16 boards if required. If these sessions are submitted to the EBU the club must use code 22 which will be charged at 50% of the Universal Membership Subscription (P2P) rate of normal sessions. Codes 4 and 11 will no longer be available as of 01 October, 2014.

2) These sessions will attract Magazine points but will not attract master points or be graded for the NGS (national Grading Scheme). It is up to the club to decide whether they wish to submit the results in order for their novices to earn magazine points or not. The EBU magazine is expensive to produce and therefore we feel that everyone receiving a copy should make a contribution to the cost.

3) Novice Sessions are strictly defined as follows and must be open to non-members of the club:
• Teaching Sessions
• Supervised Play Sessions
• Other sessions where no more than 10% of players are above Area Master (500 Local Points) which are designed to encourage novices into mainstream club events

We hope you will agree that these changes are very positive and will encourage the provision of Novice Sessions at clubs in an effort to help membership recruitment.

If you require any further clarification then please don’t hesitate to our Club Liaison Officer, Andrew Urbanski, by emailing or calling 01296 317206