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This is where you will find all news which is relevant to EBU affiliated clubs.

We also produced a quarterly online newsletter for clubs - Club Management Focus - and past issues are collated here.

Since April 2010, the EBU has been funded through Universal Membership which means that anyone playing in an EBU-affiliated club (provided they are a member of that club) automatically becomes a member of the EBU and pays a small subscription amount each time they play.

If your club is not yet affiliated read about the Benefits of Affiliation. To affiliate complete the Application Form (valid from 01-04-16 to 31-03-17). We hope affiliated clubs will choose to use the 'affiliated clubs logo'.

For a full directory of EBU affiliated clubs please visit the Club Directory.

Event Focus is the newsletter for clubs, and is produced four times each year. See here for an archive of these newsletters.

The EBU is always available to give advice and assistance to affiliated clubs - please contact us on 01296 317200, or send us an email, with any questions you may have.

Similarly if you would like any information on the services we offer, and to find out more about the benefits of affiliation, please get in touch.

Club News

Welcome to Sovereign Harbour BC

We are pleased to welcome Sovereign Harbour Bridge Club which has recently affiliated with the EBU.

Based in Eastbourne they play on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club. Visitors are always welcome, and they always run a host system so no partner is required.

New Master Point & Licensing Handbook available; Novice Sessions clarified

The new Master Point and Licensing Handbook, for the 2016/17 season, is now available to download, along with a document which highlights the changes from last year.

We have also sought to clarify the requirements for a session to be recognised as a 'Novice Session'. It also seeks to clarify when the club has the option to choose whether or not they should submit the session and make a Universal Membership payment. These requirements are outlined here:

If you have any queries then please don't hesitate to contact the Club Liaison Officer, Bev Purvis - or 01296 317206.

Additional Blue Point competitions for clubs

Blue Points were introduced at the start of 2013 and clubs were given an allowance of two events per annum in which they could award them. Some clubs have asked to be allowed to run more such events and so for a trial period until the end of August 2017 we will allow clubs to apply for up to two additional Blue Point events, subject to them having their county’s agreement. We will usually agree to such applications unless there is a potential conflict in the calendar with another club or organisation. If this change is successful, we intend to allow clubs to apply for two additional Blue-Pointed events per competition year after the trial period.

Applications should be made to the secretary of the Tournament Committee

Pianola free for a year to affiliated clubs

As a new benefit for affiliated clubs (old and new), we have arranged a deal for those wishing to try Pianola. As a part of your EBU affiliation you can use Pianola completely free of charge for twelve months.

Pianola allows clubs to manage their membership, communicate with their players, publish the club’s results and build a website. Players benefit from personal analysis of their performance and can use the system to advertise for a partner, when they need one. Pianola integrates closely with the EBU database in real time, so changes you make in Pianola are automatically and instantly replicated on the EBU database. Adding or removing members, uploading results, retrieving all your members' NGS and grade information - Pianola automates the whole process. Many of these features are unique to Pianola, and it is seen by many as the leading online platform for bridge clubs.

To take advantage of this offer contact and mention you're an EBU club.