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Laws and Ethics News

Success for EBU TD, Nicole Cook

At the European Bridge League's Tournament Directors workshop in Cyprus this weekend, Nicole Cook achieved an A grade. This entitles her to attend next year’s EBL Main TD course. Well done, Nicole.

Updates to Best Behaviour at Bridge

The EBU Board has made updates to Best Behaviour at Bridge (BB@B), the EBU's 'code of conduct' which it would expect to be followed in all games of bridge.

One key addition is in the opening paragraph, which requires that

    "...anyone wishing to participate in duplicate bridge, whether as player, official or in any other capacity, should be able to do so in a safe and welcoming environment, and not be subject to less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, race, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religious or political belief or social class than any other person".

Whilst such incidences are thankfully rare in bridge, this hopefully addresses any concerns relating to 'hate crimes' which are now being recognised within society as a whole.

At the AGM the Shareholders voted to agree changes in the Byelaws relating to Disciplinary Rules. One change was to include a breach of the fundamental principles of BB@B as an offence which could be punished under the Disciplinary Rules.

We are confident that the vast majority of members play in way which adheres to all aspects of BB@B, but we hope that members are comforted by the fact that there are procedures in place to address the occasions when some members fall short of what would be expected. We would emphasise that the appropriate course of action is to raise any incidents with the TD as soon as they happen. Suffering in silence, or only telling a friend, will not help to eradicate from the game the behaviour of the few people who act inappropriately, and waiting until later to report it makes it much hard to deal with it effectively.

Elections for EBU Board and Standing Committees held at AGM

The EBU AGM took place on 22nd November. The following people were elected/re-elected to the EBU Board and Standing Committees:

The Board
There were four nominees for three positions. The votes received were as follows:-
Elected: Jeremy Dhondy - 60 votes; Ian Payn - 52; Rob Lawy - 42; each will serve a three year term of office expiring in 2020
Not elected: Paul Roberts - 39.

The Board of Directors may also appoint a further Director for one year at a time.
Jeremy Dhondy was re-elected as Chairman, and Ian Payn as Vice Chairman - both were uncontested.

The Selection Committee
There were four nominees for four positions. Elections were held to determine the length of term of the candidates.
Three year term: Gillian Fawcett - 55 votes; David Bakhshi - 54; Jeremy Willans - 40
Two year term: Paul Barden - 29

The Laws & Ethics Committee
There were four nominees for four positions. Elections were held to determine the length of term of the candidates.
Three year term: David Burn - 55 votes; Heather Dhondy - 54
Two year term: Martin Pool - 51
One year term: Alan Wilson - 38

To see the current members of the Board and Standing Committees, click 'read more'.