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Copying a league

Start a new season by copying the old one

In most leagues the teams don't change much from year to year so, rather than start from scratch and enter all the team names and team players, we've provided a method to copy the data from year to year. Hopefully this will save some work.

To access this, click on the copy icon by the league you want to copy in the List of Leagues and confirm that you wish to continue. It'll take a moment or two and then you'll see your new league listed at the bottom of the list. You still have some work to do, though.

  1. The league name will be copied verbatim so you will probably want to change that to rename the year.
  2. Promotion and relegation are not handled for you, so you will have to go through each division and click the promote/relegate icons by the teams you want to move. Note: promoting a team will move them to the next higher division in the list but if you have a more complex set-up with split divisions this might not be where you want them to go. For example, if you have divisions called Division 1, Division 2 North and Division 2 South, then a team promoted from Division 2 South will have to be promoted to Division 2 North and then promoted again to Division 1.
  3. Teams can be deleted by clicking on the red cross by the team name.
  4. Teams can be added by the usual method.
  5. And changes to team captains will need to be corrected. The captains themselves can change the other personnel if this differs from last season.

Once this is done you'll be able to carry on just like the previous season.

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