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Finalising a division

How to finalise a division

Once a division has been completed and all the matches that are going to be played have been played, it is time to finalise it. It's important to note that finalising a division will lock it for any future editing, so make sure that you have done everything you need to do. In particular, once the division is final:

  • You will not be able to change any match results.
  • You will not be able to add or remove players from a team.
  • You will not be able to change division settings such as how many boards were played in the match.

If you do finalise a division and need to change something then let the EBU know immediately, as it could be hard to fix if it's left until the division is processed for masterpoints and payment.

Important: you must first make sure you add the division settings before you can finalise the division. You can find this by clicking on the notepad icon next to the division name.

Clicking on the Check/Finalise Division button will cause the system to run some simple checks against the data that has been submitted, to make sure that things look sensible. Any problems it finds will be listed in the page, and it will be a good idea to go through this and correct anything that needs to be corrected. You may proceed without fixing the warnings, but you should at least do so knowingly. Some of the items that can get raised here include:

  • Matches with a missing VP score
  • Matches with a missing date
  • People who played on more than one team
  • Matches which don't have the correct number of players listed

When you're happy that nothing raised is a problem, check the box to acknowledge that you want to go ahead and click the Finalise button. Congratulations - your season has now finished!

What happens next?

Once a division has been finalised, it will be processed by the EBU with the next monthly statement. This is always a week into the month after the division was finalised. For example, if you finalise on 20th June it will be processed on or shortly after the 8th July. At this time, the masterpoints will be calculated and placed onto the records, and the amount that the organiser has to pay will be included on their Universal Membership Collection Advice. This can be viewed in the Statements tab of your My EBU and there is also a shortcut from the division page.

The division page also contains a link to a report of the masterpoints that were issued, so league organisers can distribute this to the teams, or just use it to check that there were no errors.

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