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Can I score a league match for the NGS?

The simple answer for most situations is: no. Head-to-head teams-of-four matches simply don't work for the NGS, which requires more than two tables in play. And most privately played matches don't use electronic scoring, which is another requirement. However, there will be situations where the NGS can be applied:

  • There are more than two tables in play, either because it's a teams-of-eight match or because multiple matches are being played at the same time, with the same boards.
  • The pair lineups and board data are recorded in a scoring program, so that a USEBIO file can be produced.
  • Less important, but worth bearing in mind is that you should be consistent with which matches you're grading. If you can only grade some of the matches then players may feel aggrieved if they play well in the ones you happen to miss out.

If you fulfill these requirements then you can score the matches as if you were scoring a multiple teams event, ensuring that the seating lineup is correct and the movement (which might be very basic) is correct. Then produce a USEBIO file and submit it to My EBU. There's one catch - you won't want to be charged for this event, as EBULeague will already charge you, so you need to submit it with the special rate '08', which tells us it's an event which is charged for separately.

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