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Setting up a league

Here we are going to set up a brand new league and walk through what league organisers need to do to get themselves up and running. You will need to be logged on as a club, district or county.

Create a league

In the Leagues area, you will see a Create New League button which presents you with a screen like the following.

The League Title is split into two parts: the name of the league and the date. This makes it easier to group similar leagues together on the results pages.

The No. of divisions is the total number of divisions in your league, not necessarily the highest numbered division.

No. of teams promoted and No. of teams relegated is just the default setting. If it differs from division to division you can change this in the individual division settings. This is only used to highlight certain rows in the results pages, so don't worry too much if you have a more complicated scenario.

Press Create and your league will be set up. Note that you cannot delete a league but if you make a mistake or you just wish to test out the system and get rid of it afterwards then you can contact us and we'll remove it for you.

List of leagues

You will now see your new league in the list of leagues, along with links to all four of the divisions that have been created. In addition, there are two icons. The edit icon lets you rename the league if you made a mistake, or change some other settings. The copy icon lets you copy your league forward to a new year. You won't want to do this until the end of the season, though.

Amend league settings

Pressing on the Edit League icon in the list of leagues takes you to a settings page as follows:

Here you can rename the league if you made a mistake, or change some other settings.

Show match line-ups in public results means that information about who played in each match will be available in the public results pages. The team roster can also be found by clicking on the team's name. We think this is a fun feature as it's a lot more interesting for people who didn't play to find out who won or lost a particular match, so we recommend that league organisers switch this on.

Prevent registration of players in more than one team per division and in entire league are options which kick in when a player gets added to a team, disallowing it if they are already part of another team in that division or in the whole league. Note that this only works during registration - it won't check affiliations retrospectively.

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