The National Pairs Competition


The deadline for holding your heat is fast approaching.

In 2014/15 the competition is run in three stages. The first stage is a qualifying heat held at any club in the country that wishes to do so, with the second and third stages being Regional and National Finals. We hope that as many clubs as possible will hold a heat so that any members wishing to take part can do so. Heats can be part of a normal club game - any game with at least three tables can generate qualifiers. In such situations those who do not wish to be considered for qualification should make this known to their club organiser prior to the start.

Heats must be completed by mid-February to allow enough time for both the EBU and the qualifiers to make the necessary arrangements prior to the regional finals on 15th March 2015, so if you intend holding a heat please do so soon.

The Regional Finals take place in five locations round the country, and the National Finals are in West Bromwich on 18th - 19th April 2015. Unlike in previous years there will not be a 'B' final in the National Finals.

For more information please visit

If you intend holding a heat, or need any further details, please contact Peter Jordan (01296 317203).


The format of the competition is changing.

Please be aware that for 2015/16 the format of the competition is changing, and there will be only two stages.

The first stage will be the Regional Finals, which will be held at an increased number of venues (see here for the locations). There will therefore not be any club heats. All venues will play the same boards and the event will be scored across the entire field. The top 50 pairs nationally will qualify to play in the National Final. In addition the venues will be divided into regions, with each region scored by itself, with the winning pairs being awarded ‘regional trophies’.

We hope that this will encourage greater interest in the event and lead to a National Final of quality.

Player of the Year Championship

In both years the National Pairs is an event in the Championship Series, in which points can be earned to-wards the Player of the Year Championship. This competition offers a prize to the player who accumulates the most points across the EBU's most prestigious events. We hope that this will further encourage increased participation in the event.