January 2022

Teltscher Trophy Trials Concluded

The Teltscher Trophy Trials took place this weekend in Manchester Bridge Club. Congratulations to the top three pairs who qualified to represent England: Patrick Shields & Richard Chamberlain...

The Youthful Game of Bridge

 Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m a new member of the U21 squad having recently ‘graduated’ from the U16s. Since lockdown I have been playing lots of congresses and other events online which has helped me improve my game and given me a chance to play in events I wouldn’t have had time to travel to. It also provided a useful respite from the monotony of the strict lockdowns a year or two ago.


Welcome to Newly Affiliated Clubs

The EBU has welcomed the following clubs since March 2020: Regis Bridge Club Bedfordshire Beaconsfield Bridge Club Berks & Bucks Bridge Home and Away Berks & Bucks Chiltern Bridge Club Berks &...

Teltscher Trials

The Teltscher Trials will be held Face to face in Manchester bridge club 28th - 30th January The top three pairs from the trials will be selected to represent England in the 2022 Teltscher Trophy...