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This is where you will find all news which is relevant to EBU affiliated clubs.

Please note the important information relating to the General Data Protection Regulation. All clubs and counties must be compliant by 25th May 2018

We also produced a quarterly online newsletter for clubs - Club Management Focus - and past issues are collated here.

Since April 2010, the EBU has been funded through Universal Membership which means that anyone playing in an EBU-affiliated club (provided they are a member of that club) automatically becomes a member of the EBU and pays a small subscription amount each time they play.

If your club is not yet affiliated, then please read about the Benefits of Affiliation. You can also read a series of articles from EBU Chairman, Jeremy Dhondy, in Bridge magazine in which he explains what the EBU is doing to help clubs, players, and the game in general, in England, and outlines the benefits of affiliating and supporting the national governing body. See here for all the articles - Bridge magazine articles - and in particular the reasons why he believes clubs should affiliate are covered in this article.

To affiliate download and complete the one of the following forms:

When you have affiliated your members will receive a Member's Pack to welcome them to the EBU. It includes a membership card, a new members' booklet (which can be downloaded here), and other information.

We hope affiliated clubs will choose to use the 'affiliated clubs logo'.

For a full directory of EBU affiliated clubs please visit the Club Directory.

The EBU is always available to give advice and assistance to affiliated clubs - please contact us on 01296 317200, or send us an email, with any questions you may have.

Similarly if you would like any information on the services we offer, and to find out more about the benefits of affiliation, please get in touch.

Club News

EBU accounts - an overview of income and expenditure 2017-18

Every year, the EBU’s annual accounts are made available and presented for approval by the Shareholders at the AGM, after which they are available alongside those from previous years at

Since some people find this information a little impenetrable, last year we created some charts to give a simple overview of the sources of the EBU’s income, and where the money is spent. We have now produced updates of these charts based on the 17-18 financial year's data, which will be presented for approval at the forthcoming AGM.

New club and teacher directory

We have launched a new directory, which hopefully makes it easier for anyone to identify their nearest club or bridge teacher, and to find out information on any in which they are interested. This replaces the map which used to be accessed via the menu on the right of the homepage. You will now see the EBU/EBED Directory in its place.

You can search using your postcode, or can generate a list of clubs and teachers by county from the menu at the top of the page.

Tim Anderson joining EBU as Membership Development Officer

We are pleased to welcome Tim Anderson to the EBU staff. Tim will be starting on 3rd September as our Membership Development Officer, and will be working with the regions involved in the expanding Membership Development Project - initially started, with success, by Yorkshire CBA - to help them bring more members into affiliated clubs.

In this part-time role, Tim will be using his background in marketing, publicity, and most recently in journalism, to help clubs and counties involved in the Membership Project reach out to existing, and potential, bridge players in their region. Tim has acted as Chairman, or in other committee positions, at various bridge clubs, and is also a County TD, so has a wealth of experience in bridge to combine with his professional skills. Once he starts in the role he can be contacted at (the address will not be active until 3/9/18).

White Book for 2018 now available; Blue book unchanged

The updated White Book for 2018 is now available - 2018 White Book.

A list of changes made to the 2017 version is available here.

The significant change for TDs and players is the increase in procedural and disciplinary penalties - 25% top/6IMP/1VP and 50% top/12 IMP/2 VP (though of course, for players, this only affects them if they fail to follow procedure or behave badly!). Other changes relate to the new laws of bridge from 2017, updates made by the EBU, and changing interpretations by the Laws & Ethics Committee.

The Blue Book is unchanged in 2018 - the 2017 remains the correct book to use.