Welcome to the home page for Clubs! This page includes news, and links to information, which is relevant to EBU affiliated clubs. We also produced a quarterly online newsletter for clubs - Club Management Focus - and past issues are collated here.

Useful information for club administration is available via the menu on the right, and in the Club Management Handbook. If further assistance is needed, please contact the EBU office, and we would be glad to help -, 01296 317200. The services of the Club Liaison Officer, Jonathan Lillycrop, are available for those needing more specialist guidance.

We would be delighted to welcome new affiliations - more information is available lower down the page.

Free places on Club Teacher Training Courses

Affiliated clubs are able to have a representative attend EBED's Club Teacher Training courses for free once every two years. These courses are intended to enable members with a motivation to help bring more players in to the game - and specifically in to their club - to run lessons. See here for more information.

Club News

New EBU "Fast game at high noon" on Bridgebase Online (BBO)

Starting Sat 4th April we are adding a new daily 12-board game to our schedule, played at 5 minutes a board for those who find our usual games too slow.

We now have received the data that allow us to process games for master points and NGS as intended and they should soon be up to date. Any players who don't find their session showing on My EBU should send a message on BBO to the EBU TD with their EBU number.

Club Grants

For the last few years the EBU has had a scheme whereby clubs could apply for financial assistance for up to half the cost of items of capital expenditure that they would otherwise have difficulty affording, as described in last year’s information about the scheme.

It was intended that the scheme would run again this year on the same basis and today is when we would have been inviting applications. However, the current situation with COVID-19 means that we have decided not to do so this April. Not only are the EBU’s finances under great pressure in the current climate, but it is also unlikely that many clubs will consider capital expenditure to be their priority right now. We hope that clubs and members will understand this decision and we hope to be able to reintroduce the scheme at an appropriate time when the current situation is behind us.

Online Bridge Games

With bridge clubs closed and events cancelled, many of our members will be thinking of playing online. Some will already be familiar with the options below but this information is to help those who do not play online, to point them in the right direction to investigate the various options. We will be adding to this as things progress.

Updated information on EBU BBO games with master points is provided in the article below.

Bridge Club Live has also issued a press release detailing changes they have made to try to accommodate the increasing demand for online bridge and there is a lot of information on their website to help you get started.

Funbridge hosts our regular daily online robot games, which give EBU master points. Information about them is available on our webpage. We have produced a document to help new users get started with Funbridge.

Funbridge has also released a document explaining how a club can create its own (robot) games exclusively for its members.

No Fear Bridge is currently giving an extended free trial for all students, when using this link to register.

A couple of other options have been suggested by members: