Upcoming Events

Entering competitions

To enter any of our events, or to find out more information, please contact Dawn or Nick at our Competitions Department (Tel: 01296 317203/219).

If you have a credit balance on your account just let Dawn or Nick know and they can issue you an invoice for any balance.

Players under 26 years of age on 31st December of the year in which the competition takes place, may enter EBU competitions at half price. Please see here for full details.

Please note that by entering, and taking part in, an EBU competition you agree to our terms and conditions of entry.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events in the near future!

Online event booking

You can book into forthcoming events by logging into the members area.

Seniors events

To be eligible for a Seniors event, players must have their 60th birthday or beyond during the calendar year (January-December) of the event. For example, a player can play in a Seniors event at the age of 59 provided his/her 60th birthday falls later that year.
Please note: The WBF - and consequently the EBL and Bridge Great Britain - have adjusted their criteria for eligibility for Seniors events, and this will come in to effect in 2018. As this was done at short notice, however, the EBU will not be making any changes to the criteria for entry to its senior congresses until 2019 (changes to trial events will be made in 2018). The current criteria therefore still apply for this event and players must have their 60th birthday or beyond during the calendar year (January-December) of the event - i.e. entrants must be born in 1958 or earlier.

Online competitions

From September 2017 you have been able to play in EBU competitions on Funbridge. These take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Summer Meeting 2019

Whilst it is the intention that the Summer Meeting in 2019 will return to what will, by then, be the refurbished Devonshire Park complex in Eastbourne, this is dependent on the progress of the building works. We will try to confirm as soon as possible whether the venue will be ready, and we will update the website as soon as more information is available. Until it is confirmed please do not make any non-refundable accommodation or travel bookings.

County allegiance

In EBU competitions players may only represent their County of primary allegiance. Please see here for information.

Please note that your county of primary allegiance does not automatically change - for example if you move house - and must be specifically changed. Any member wishing to change their county of allegiance should contact Karen Durrell - or 01296 317201. You cannot make the change yourself so as to ensure that the change is permitted (for example that you haven't already changed allegiance that year).

You can see your county of primary allegiance in My EBU.

Eligibility of transgender players in mixed or women’s events

Competition newsletters

A monthly email newsletter - Event Focus - is sent to all 'competition players'. These are collated here.

Competition summary

A summary of our different competitions, with their locations and the month in which they are held, is available here.

Looking for a partner/team mates

At the bottom of the webpage for most congresses there is a comments board where you can leave a message if you are looking for a partner, or team mates, for that congress. Similarly you can reply to a message from someone who has already posted to say they are looking.

Player of the Year Championship

The Player of the Year Championship recognises achievement in the leading competitions on the EBU calendar.

Players will gain points based on finishing in the top places of the most prestigious events on the EBU calendar. The player accumulating the most place points in the year (events finishing in the period 1st October to 30th September) will win the prize of £1000.

While this competition will appeal to those battling for the top prize, it may also prompt some friendly rivalries amongst those lower down the points list as they vie for bragging rights and aim to see their name listed alongside the game's elite.

The leaderboard, and a full list of competitions which will make up the Championship Series and the points that can be scored in each, is available here.

Events for less experienced players

The EBU runs a number of events for less experienced players. Please see here for more information.

Every Spring we hold a couple of Student Simultaneous Pairs events aimed at those learning the game. There is one for Minibridge and one for Bridge and it lasts a whole month. Talk to your bridge teacher if you're interested in taking part.

Diary changes

Our members diary goes to print several months before it arrives on your doorstep and unfortunately things can change in that time. Please check our diary changes page before finalising your arrangements.

Congress reviews

Following the June 2012 meeting, the Tournament Committee have decided to publish the summary of responses from the congress review forms that the players complete on site. These have been made available from the 2012 Riviera Congress onwards.

EBU Accommodation Booking Service (ABS)

The Accommodation Booking Service, operated by Bridge Overseas is aimed at providing a comprehensive freephone service that is quick and easy. The number is 0800 0346 246.

Operating guidelines on hotel venues in England and on Overseas Congresses


Please note that all our EBU Calendars really are only drafts. Members should not make non-refundable travel or accommodation arrangements based on these drafts, and/or before they have formally entered the tournament in question.

EBU Tournament Mobile

In an emergency, if you need to contact a member of staff at a congress, and it is outside EBU office hours, please ring 07780 673522. Do not use this number for general enquiries or competision entries.

Standby volunteers

We would always like to hear from pairs who are willing to act as standby at our events, especially for Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams competitions.

Both the directors and the players are very grateful for the role played by standby pairs and your generosity would be much appreciated.

We ask that you attend the competition and if you are required to play then you would receive free entry to the event. If you are not required then reasonable travel expenses will be paid.

For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Nick Doe.

Halfway venues

Some clubs are available for hire by teams wishing to hold a knockout match at a 'halfway venue'. A list of some of these is available here.

EBU Archive

You can find information on old events and the complete EBU library catalogue content. Please note that this is however a work in progress and new events and sections will be added here periodically.