10th European Transnational Championships

The 10th European Transnational Championships will be held in Strasbourg, France from 3rd to 17th June 2023, organised by the European Bridge League In co-operation with the French Bridge Federation.

These Championships include the following competitions: Mixed, Open, Women & Seniors - Pairs 
and Teams and Mixed/Open BAM Teams. 

All events are transnational. Detailed information available from 16 January via the EBL Website

Schedule of play
3rd to 9th June: Mixed Teams
5th to 9th June: Mixed BAM Teams & Mixed Pairs
3rd to 8th June: Seniors Teams 
6th to 9th June: Seniors Pairs
10th to 17th June: Open Teams
10th to 15th June: Women Teams
13th to 17th June: Open BAM Teams & Open Pairs
13th to 17th June: Women Pairs

Entry fees
There will be “early bird” discounts available for entry fee, provided registration and payment are complete by 31st March 2023. 

The registration process will be open by 16 January and all entries to the various events must be submitted electronically via the EBL Website, not later than seven days prior to the starting date of the respective event. Later entries will be accepted only if technically and logistically convenient.

European Bridge League Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded. The winners in each category (Mixed, Open, Women and Seniors -Teams & Pairs-, BAMs) will receive the title of European Transnational Champions.
EBL Master Points will be awarded in all events.

For further information, please contact: Catherine Vitry - EBL Secretariat (secretariat@europeanbridge.org)

January 13, 2023