15th European Youth Pairs Championships

The 15th European Youth Bridge Pairs Championships starts tomorrow, in Veldhoven. The event will run all week, with the closing ceremony and prize giving taking place on Saturday 29th July. 

Some of the pairs taking part are made up of members of the England Youth Squads.

Claire Robinson (U26 Women's Youth Squad Leader), will also be blogging from the event, you can follow all the details via her blog

Full details and results can be found on the event website.

Following the European Youth Bridge Pairs Championships, starting on 30th July is the 18th World Youth Teams Championships, which is also being held at the same location in Veldhoven.

English players taking part in the event:

Under 16 pairs:
Timothy Kerr & Amaan Kassey

Under 21 pairs:
Andrew Cope & Thomas Gardener
Aman Parekh & Antoinina Mauve
Henry Rose & Are Borgar Landsvik (Norway)
Liam Fegarty & Jaime Fegarty
Kimberley Hudson & Lucy Norman
Thomas Bradkin & Tom Furness

Under 26 Women pairs:
Imogen La Chapelle & Charlotte Bedford
Dido Coley & Lily Kearney

Under 26 pairs:
Aaron Hutton & Kripa Panchagnula

Mixed pairs:
Sarah De Wijs (Netherlands) & Andrew Cope
Aman Parekh & Antoinina Mauve
Tom Furness & Charlotte Bedford
Imogen La Chapelle & Henry Rose

IMP pairs:
Aaron Hutton & Kripa Panchagnula
Dido Coley & Lily Kearney
Kimberley Hudson & Lucy Norman

Under 31 pairs:
Jonathan Clark & Oliver Powell

July 24, 2023