Covid-19 and Club Insurance - Update

In answer to questions passed on to them from one of our clubs, our insurers have confirmed that for a liability claim to be upheld, it would have to be proved that you have been negligent.

Clubs should be reminded that they are obliged to follow any government guidelines and restrictions and to keep abreast with current COVID requirements.

This link may provide useful :

You should also take all reasonable care to prevent accidents or Bodily Injury. In particular You should:

• keep all work equipment and premises in good and safe condition

• exercise care in the selection and management of Employees

• comply with all statutory obligations and regulations imposed by any authority.

In addition, please remember that you should refer to their Policy Schedule and Wording to ensure you comply with all policy terms and conditions.

This response from Insurers is not limited to COVID claims and would be an insurers standard response to any "potential claim" queries. They are unable to provide decisions on particular scenarios until a scenario arises.

April 28, 2021