EBED Trustees

Following EBED’s 13 March 2024 meeting of trustees, they sent the EBU Board a set of proposals that the EBU Board, at its meeting of 21 March 2024, did not approve. Lee Guy's term of office as Chair of Trustees for EBED was up for renewal in March and this is an appointment constitutionally made by the EBU Board. The Board decided not to renew this appointment and, following that decision, the remaining Trustees of EBED resigned.

The EBU Board is required to appoint the Chair and Treasurer of EBED, is allowed to appoint up to five trustees, and the minimum number of trustees for EBED CIO is three. Accordingly, the Board has appointed Ian Sidgwick, Paul Gibbons and Abbey Smith as Trustees with immediate effect, with Ian Sidgwick taking the role of Chair and Paul Gibbons taking the role of Treasurer. Further appointments to the Trustees of EBED will be made in due course.

The EBU Board wishes to thank the outgoing EBED Trustees for all their hard work and stewardship of EBED.

March 25, 2024