English Riviera (Mixed Pairs) Congress - Player Information

June 28, 2022

For players booked to play in the English Riviera (Mixed Pairs) Congress this weekend please see the below information which has also been sent via email: 

Play will start at 11:00am on Saturday 2nd July.

You will find the programme and other information on the event results page along with the links for the sessions as they become available. After the sessions are complete you will also find results there.

Please note that you are required to have video and audio, and you must use them unless technical issues prevent it.

This event uses self-alerting without screens as detailed in the programme, with typed explanations sent to both opponents by the player making the call. Requests for further information also go as typed messages to the player making the call.

You must provide a link to your system card to your opponents each round. If you do not already have one, please upload your system card as a pdf to your My EBU, under utilities, system card, and follow the instructions provided. Help in creating a system card and converting it to a pdf can be found on the EBU Members Wiki under Help Creating a System Card.

Undos are only allowed in the auction for mis-clicks, or for cases of misinformation. You should always first call the TD when an undo is requested (you may need to refuse the undo request first in order to access the TD button).

When you log on to play, please enter your name as found on your EBU record, in proper case (eg John Smith, not JOHN SMITH, john smith or John S), along with your EBU number without leading zeros (105719 not 00105719).

For emergency assistance on the day, please contact Robin Barker Deputy Chief TD on 01296 317223 or email robin@ebu.co.uk.