Enter now for the Ranked Masters Pairs

As a reminder, the Ranked Masters Pairs will take place Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February! There is still time to enter and this year the competition will again be held online via RealBridge, giving you a chance to play in a national event from the comfort of your own home!

The Ranked Masters Pairs is a group of competitions based on Master Point rank. There are 6 categories although some categories will be merged for the purpose of the movements. We will merge Premier Life Masters with Life Masters, and the National Masters with Regional Masters. We will still have ranking lists for each category and award trophies, prizes and Master Points within those categories, but you will be playing in a larger field with more opponents and comparisons. Additionally, a player will be allowed to "play up" to join a partner of a higher rank, providing their NGS grade meets the criteria, see here for more information.

The event starts at 11.00am on both Saturday and Sunday. Full details can be found on the Ranked Masters Pairs webpage.

Entries close on 23rd February.

Don't miss out in taking part, the easiest way to enter is online via My EBU.

February 7, 2023