Jack High Swiss Pairs Winners

On Sunday 12th November, the latest in the new series of 9-High and Jack High events was held on RealBridge, run by Cumbria on behalf of the EBU.

There were two sessions, one played in the morning and one in the afternoon. The winners of the morning session were Raith Pickup & Iain Watson (N/S) and Michael Nunn & Iain Mckenzie (E/W). The afternoon session was won by Terry Carpenter & Richard Cummins (N/S) and Stuart Knox & Keith Stewart (E/W). 

The next event will be a 9-High Swiss Pairs, run by Midlands on 2 December 2023. Held on RealBridge and starting at 2pm, 24 or 25 boards will be played, depending on entries.

Full results

November 14, 2023