Message from Adrian Darnell (EBU Chair)

I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself as the new EBU Chair.

For those who don’t know, Ian Payn has been the EBU Chair for last 4 years, and I succeeded him some two weeks ago. I was elected to the Board 3 years ago, was the Vice Chair until most recently, and it is a great privilege now to be the EBU Chair. I, and the whole of the Board, are looking forward to meeting all the many challenges but we sincerely hope there will be nothing like the Lockdown period!

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is the obvious need to recruit and retain new members and we are actively examining a host of ideas around marketing, the teaching of students, and integrating newcomers into our Clubs and competitions.

For those interested, my own bridge history started as a teenager, but I hardly played when I went to University. In my 20s and 30s I played a lot of squash, and once I had stopped playing several times a week I discovered the Club had a bridge evening. I restarted playing bridge in my 40s, and have been playing Club and County bridge for about 30 years so. As we all know, it’s a wonderful game and we, the current players, really do have some duty to share it with those who have never played and with those who have played but not for some years or so.

I look forward to working with everyone as we all strive to ensure that bridge carries on its recovery from the COVID years and moves from strength to strength.

October 5, 2023