New Disciplinary Conviction

An EBU Disciplinary Committee considered the following charge against Adam Wiseberg (BBO account name: adam 13) at a hearing in June 2023.

  • That the defendant used his access privileges as a Tournament Director to view the full layout of hands, that could enable him to take decisions in bidding and play that were unlikely to have been taken without that access.

The defendant was a tournament director on RealBridge and Bridge Base Online (BBO). The defendant denied the charge, and a disciplinary hearing was held. The Disciplinary Committee found the charge proved to their comfortable satisfaction, and that the defendant's conduct constituted an offence under 3.2(iii) of the EBU Disciplinary Rules, being unfair or dishonest play in an organised duplicate bridge event.

The Committee imposed a sanction of suspension of EBU membership for a period of 3 years and a 10 year ban from playing for England in any representative event. The defendant appealed and the Appeal Committee denied the appeal.

Note: The EBU does not grant approval for any suspended member to act as a tournament director in any EBU licensed event. 

Currently sanctioned members

August 31, 2023