New EBU Online Magazine - Discovery, Issue 1

July 6, 2021

We are pleased to introduce our new online magazine - Discovery - a publication designed to provide tips and tricks that will help you improve your club bridge scores quickly.

In this first issue we have great articles on dealing with auctions when the opposition interfere, how far to push the auction, and some invaluable tips on play – both as a defender and as declarer. We have tried to address the pitfalls which so many players fall into when participating in club bridge. This magazine is clearly not aimed at expert players, though we hope there will be something of value for all our less-experienced members, whether beginners, novices or intermediate.

Link to the July 2021 issue - or click the image
(feel free to pass this link to anyone you feel may be interested)

Highlights from this issue:

Interactive Hands

For this online magazine, we are able to include interactive hands, which you can play through, starting on page 26.

Declarer Play Quiz

David Bakhshi’s Declarer Play Quiz stimulates your approach to declarer play to ensure you think about all possible avenues and illuminates some which you may not have previously considered, page 38.

EBU Diary Opt-In Deadline

Please remember: if you have sufficient magazine points you can receive a free diary with the September issue of English Bridge, but you will need to positively opt in (if you have not already done this). If you do not have enough points you can become a Direct EBU Member regardless of how often you play. The deadline for opting in is 19th August. Register through My EBU or call 01296 317200 or email