Play knockout teams matches on RealBridge

Some teams playing EBU knockout matches would like to be able to do so on RealBridge and this is now possible. Log on to My EBU -> Utilities -> Book Events in the fortnight before you want to play.

Select Social RealBridge with the correct week dates and select the correct day and time of day. Book two tables at £5 each in this way and then send an email to with the following information:

  • Time & date of start of match (tell your players to get there in good time
  • Number of boards and rounds – eg 2 x 12-board rounds or 4 x 8-board rounds
  • If there is a compulsory change of opponents at half time – this only applies if you are having a match of two rounds precisely
  • Whether or not you want screens
  • Whether or not you want self-alerting
  • The names of the two captains (real full names, which must be the names they log in under: eg Jane Smith)

You will be sent a link to be used by all the players. When it is time for your match to take place and all eight players are at the tables, the two captains will be able to start the stanza together as described in the RealBridge documentation and shown in the screenshots below.

More guidance for captains, players and TD during these matches on RealBridge. The results of the match should be submitted in the usual way after the match is over

Screen shots showing the RealBridge website. A before screen shows the message "Neither captain has pressed start" an after message shows "The other captain has pressed stat"

March 13, 2023