Play the new BBO Acol Daylong

The all new Acol Daylong Tournament has just been launched by BBO. It's an 8-board game with robots that don't use the GIB 2/1 system, but instead play a simple and friendly version of Acol. So, if you've been putting off playing against the BBO robots because you're not comfortable with the 2/1 system, then this is for you.
You can play whenever it's convenient, at your own pace and you don’t need a partner as you're playing with and against advanced robots. Everything is alerted and explained. Click the bids to see what they mean before making a move.
With Daylongs you can take your time and have a break if needed, as long as you finish your boards by midnight GMT. 
Please note that these games are not run by the EBU and do not count for master points and are not included in any of our ladders.

January 4, 2023