Robinson & Sowter top National Pairs Qualifiers

March 14, 2022

The Regional Finals of the National Pairs took place on Sunday, hosted by clubs.

The leading pair, when the event was scored across all the venues, were Dave Robinson & Tony Sowter (who played in the Allendale BC heat). Naomi Gibbs & Mike Rawlins (Deva BC heat) finished in second place and Ian Pagan & Shahzaad Natt (Tyler Hill BC/Caterham BC joint heat) finished third.

The top 50 pairs will be invited to take part in the National Finals which will be held on RealBridge 9th-10th April.

There were also trophies for those with the best score when the event was scored within each region. These were won by:

Region Name Heat
Northern Irving Blakey & Joy Blakey Deva BC
South East Ian Pagan & Shahzaad Natt Caterham & Tyler Hill (combined heat)
South West Dave Robinson & Tony Sowter Allendale BC