Ron Davis tops Master Point list; Club Champions announced

February 23, 2022

The final totals for 2021 are now ready. These reports have now been reformatted and now have even more information, with a new County Rankings section showing the Master Point rankings for individual counties. The county rankings will update monthly throughout the year. You can view all the winners at National, County and Club level at the links below.

Congratulations to Ron Davis, who for the second year in a row, wins the 2022 Sunday Telegraph Salver for most Master Points earned during the year. He scored a total of 33,236 points, ahead of Jackie Davies in second (25,292) and Tracey Sherman in third (24,965).

In the Gold Points list, Michael Byrne ended the year on top with 59.49 points, followed by Mike Bell (last year's leader, with 56.46) and Tom Townsend in third (52.72).

For the fourth year in a row, the highest scoring Junior was Ben Norton (14,049). In second place was Charlie Bucknell (11,482) and in third was Jamie Fegarty (8,254).

In the All Time Leaderboard, Derek Oram remains top with 901,377. John Holland moves up to second place with 886,142, having overtaken long time leader John Durden this year.

The winners of the Club Champions prize draw have also been selected. Club Champions are those who won the most Master Points in events held at each club, and each Club Champion is entered in to the draw. First out of the hat was Tipton St.John Acolites Bridge Club, they had two people top of their points list so the top prize of £400 was split equally between Ann Lake and Brian Lake. Sue Oliver of Newbury Bridge Club was drawn in second and wins £200, and Richard Macclesfield of Naphill Bridge Club wins £100 for being drawn third.

The top scoring players in each county in Master Point categories 4 to 6, and the top scoring players nationally in categories 1 to 3, also receive small prizes.

The Master Point leaderboards for 2021 can be accessed below - all lists can be filtered by county using the options in the menu at the top of the page.

To see your personal Master Point information, log-on to My EBU and follow the link at the top of the Master Point page. Alternatively, you can search for yourself using the box in the top right of any 2021 Master Points page. Please note: if your name is withheld, you will need to change your settings in your My EBU account by ticking the option Public Masterpoints (found in My Account, .

Well done to those who reached personal milestones during the year.

All the data is currently provisional - if you believe there are any anomalies please contact us as soon as possible.