World Bridge Games 2024

The World Bridge Games have now been confirmed to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 21 Oct - 3 Nov 2024.

The EBU intends to enter teams of six to compete in all four categories (Open, Women’s, Mixed and Seniors). All teams will be expected to participate on a fully self-funded basis.

Depending on the number of entries in each category, there will either be a trial (in which case the trial will be of teams of 4-6 players), or a team will be selected by the EBU selection committee.

If a winning team in any trial contains fewer than six players and wishes to expand for the World Bridge Games, then additional players will be added by the selection committee, following consultation with the winning team.

In each category, if a trial is held, then it will last for up to four days, and will either be a one or two stage event depending on the number of entries.

The winning team in each category will earn the right to represent England at the World Bridge Games.

Should a player wish to enter more than one category, then they will be committed to the first team that they qualify for, and having won a trial, will no longer be eligible to participate in a later trial.

The following list comprises the dates of each trial, if a trial is held:

  • Open - 26-29 April
  • Women’s - 10-13 May
  • Mixed - 31 May- 3 June
  • Seniors - 7-10 June

The Selection Committee would like to invite applications in all four categories.

When sending an application, please confirm that you are able to participate in the trial for your category if a trial is held.

The closing date for all entries is 5pm on Friday 26 January 2024.  

Applications for entry in all categories should be sent to

October 16, 2023