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Andrew Scott

EBTA Teacher Associate

I have been teaching beginners and improvers Bridge since 1985 at various Colleges, Out Centres, Leisure Centres and Bridge Clubs in Nottingham. I don't teach the Fast Track course(Impossible if your a beginner) or online(Its a social game), distance learning is ok and I understand the implcations, I've study with the OU, but you can't beat face to face for interaction and feed back, this game needs to be taught slowly with sound basic pricinples, its a game to be savoured and enjoyed :) I am based at The Nottingham Bridge Club (DBS check and a Trustee/President of the Club), where I run most of my classes and have done so for the past 20 years. A lot of the players I teach either go on to play at The Nottingham Bridge Club where we run beginners sessions to ease you in(in a gentle manner) or you may want to go and play at another bridge club(Local to your area) or you may just want to play socially at home, its up to you on how you wish to enjoy this wonderful game. I teach ACOL from first principles, in a friendly enviroment and I assume no knowledge of the game. The full course is 3 terms each of 9 weeks(September till May) I provide a work book of topics(One for each term) with notes and plenty of quizzes, so if you are interested in learning how to play please email me........... Andrew.Scott42@hotmail.co.uk ...........or contact The Nottingham Bridge Club and they will put you in touch with me(I'm always available for questions via email or just give me call) If you want to learn a 5 card Major system (Sayc or 2/1) please email me for details.

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Andrew Scott

NOTTINGHAM, Nottinghamshire

07407 433343


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Teaching Information

Teacher since 1985

Teaches Face-to-Face

Teaches U18 or Vulnerable Adults

Bidding system: Acol, SAYC, 2/1

Has attended a Club Teacher Training Course

Brilliant patient teacher, with loads of personality. Very approachable and fun to be in his lessons - Carolyn

Good teachers - Jeffrey

Excellent teacher for years - Irene

I started at bridge as a total beginner and joined a course run by Andrew. His teaching was informative and engaging, he was always able to answer the questions that were asked of him and the sessions were something I looked forward each week. - Anonymous

Andrew is a good teacher and provides a sound foundation - Elizabeth

He is a really great tutor - Anonymous

I enjoyed the class, found his workbooks really easy to follow that accompanied the class, each session had time to practice skills and the classes were fun, social and very educational - Anonymous

Andrew has been teaching for several years and been highly successful in introducing new players to bridge - Richard

I have only begun taking lessons, but he is so patient and keeps everything as simple as possible as we learn by stages. - Anonymous

Very comprehensive teaching and always available to answer questions and provide support. - Paul

Helpful, patient, enthusiastic environment. - Anonymous

Andrew is an excellent communicator, and is really encouraging in getting you to play. Before Covid he ran a very successful beginners' drive, where he was always ready to give advice on how to play hands. - Anonymous

V. Good teacher and always prepared to reiterate again and again and again where necessary - Marian

Clear concise teaching - Annie

Very good teacher. Knowledgeable and explains information in an easy to understand manner. Friendly and approachable personality. - Anonymous

Andrew is an excellent, enthusiastic teacher. He is always extremely well prepared and never tires of answering questions! - Anonymous

He is friendly supportive enthusiastic and patient - Janice

Andrew is an outstanding bridge teacher with very high retention rate. - Geoffrey

Andrew is an excellent teacher. He shows endless patience, is clear in his instruction and one of the best teachers I have had on any training. He paces his lessons really well and combines explanation with practice in a well balanced way. - Nicky

He is patient and makes everything easy to understand. He does not rush! - Jane

An excellent teacher, very patient - Anonymous

Andrew is extremely knowledgeable but crucially, is excellent at sharing that knowledge in simple, easy to understand ways. His classes are filled with his experiences (good and bad), and manages to put over what, to me anyway, is a difficult subject, in a very light-hearted way. I enjoyed learning ! - Anonymous

A great teacher - lots of experience of playing and teaching. - Stefka

I decided to learn Bridge when I retired 9 years ago and joined Andrew Scott’s classes at Nottingham Bridge Club. He’s an exceptionally gifted teacher and makes learning fun. His enthusiasm for the game really comes across. I’ve also attended his classes for improvers and again have found Andrew inspirational. - Sue