EBU Disciplinary Panel

The EBU Disciplinary Panel is made up of volunteer EBU Members who may be called upon to serve in an official capacity to administer the EBU’s Disciplinary Rules. The panel consists of members who have expertise in legal matters such as magistrates, service boards, personnel hearings etc. Should a member of the EBU (whether an individual or a club) act in such a way that the Laws and Ethics Committee decides that an offence has been committed then three members of the Panel will be formed into a Disciplinary Committee.

The Committee will be asked to hear the case and decide whether or not the case is proved. Sometimes defendants admit the charge in which case the Committee will meet to decide on a sanction. If the charge is contested then a hearing will be arranged. The Committee has the power to call witnesses and to allow the defendant to present his case. If the charge is proved then the Committee will then consider the imposition of a sanction.

Under the EBUs Disciplinary Rules a sanction may be a reprimand or censure, a monetary fine of up to £500, suspension from a particular event for a specified period of time, suspension from the EBU for a specified period of time or expulsion from the EBU.

In addition to appointing the Disciplinary Panel the EBU Board also appoints a Pro Bono Advisor. That person is a volunteer member of the EBU who will advise, free of charge, any EBU member charged with an offence on the procedures to be followed.

The current make up is as follows:

Pro Bono Advisor: Roger Karn
Convenor: Geoff Smith
Disciplinary Panel: Sarah Bell, Brian Callaghan, Frances Connell, Jerry Cope, Gillian Fawcett, Jim Grant, David Harris, Andy Hughes, Norman Inniss, Adrian la Chapelle, Alan Mould, Kath Nelson, Alan Oddie, Paul Roberts, John Wilmott.

Updated: 21st November 2023