Paske/Cooke and Hampton Team winners at Riviera Congress

The Riviera Congress took place in Torquay on 27th to 29th June, with Swiss Teams and Swiss Pairs events taking place.

The Swiss Teams was won by the team of John Amor, Michael Prior, Keith Ashcroft & Michael Hampton. They are pictured (named from left to right) receiving the trophy from donor David Wing. They were one of three teams to win six of their seven matches, and their wins were large enough to take the title by seven VPs. The team of Alex Hogg, Alex Maddocks, David Jones & Trevor Ward were second, and Jackie Davies, Chris Smart, Roger Sweet & Naomi Gibbs.

The Swiss Pairs was won by Tom Paske & Jon Cooke (picture). They finished 12 VPs ahead of Alex Hogg & Alex Maddocks, who completed a weekend of 'close but not quite' with a second 2nd place. Taf Anthias & Pat Davies were third.