August issue of English Bridge, and the 2014/15 diary

The Magazine and Diary

The August issue of English Bridge has been posted today and should be delivered in the next few days.

Most of you will also receive the 2014/15 Members Diary. We are pleased that we are able to send the diary to you with this issue, having listened to your feedback requesting it in time for September and the start of the new season.

If you have previously opted out of receiving a printed copy of the magazine then you will receive one on this occasion as this is easiest and most cost-efficient way of delivering the diary to you.

Some members will have received a diary with their magazine, despite opting out of receiving one. Due to how we are charged for dispatching the magazines, we needed a certain number of members to opt out of the diaries before it was cheaper to send a magazine without a diary. As we did not reach that number, it was more cost-effective to send a diary with every magazine, whether one was requested or not. We hope that we will have more people opt out in the coming year and we will reach the critical figure, which means that omitting the diaries for those members who do not want one will be viable in 2015.

If you are happy not to receive an EBU diary, a printed copy of the magazine, or both, please opt out. You can do so by updating your preferences in the members section of the website, or by letting us know by email to Karen or on 01296 317201.

The Online Magazine

The online version of the magazine is also now available through the members area of the website. Those members who have not accumulated enough magazine points to receive a printed version, or who prefer to read a digital version, can read the magazine online. Similarly those members who wish to access the ‘web content’ to which the magazine links should read the magazine online.

The online version of the August magazine contains a number of additional articles, including Neil Rosen’s continuing series on 5-card Majors.

Accessing and using the online magazine archive

To find one of the last six issues click on ‘Members’ in the top menu, or go direct to Log-in using your EBU number and password – if you can’t remember your password go to In order to receive a password reminder we must have your up-to-date email address. Once you have logged in, look in the right-hand menu, beneath the ‘Latest sessions’ and ‘Latest Master Points’ tables – you should see the magazines listed there.

If you need any help with any aspect of reading the magazines, including downloading, printing or searching the content, please check our help and FAQ page.

The EBU website also hosts an archive of magazines from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s, plus copies of English Bridge from 2007 to 2013. These can be found at