Thank you and goodbye to Gill Pain

Gill Pain, one of the key members of the EBU staff in Aylesbury, retired today after over twenty years of service. After starting in the Education Department, she moved to the Competitions Department and for many years she has arranged everything which is required for an event to run smoothly (including the Sim Pairs events). If you have been to an EBU congress and found that you have tables to sit at, pre-dealt boards to play, and a TD to oversee everything, then it is Gill who you should thank for organising it all. Because it all goes without a hitch you perhaps didn't notice the work she had done, and that is both a credit to the work she does, and how she would modestly like it to be.

I am sure many members will want to join the EBU staff in wishing her well and we hope she enjoys her retirement.

Her successor in the EBU office is Julia Thomas. Julia has been working alongside Gill for the last few weeks, and we're sure she will continue the great work which Gill has done.

Simon Cocheme has penned a short story to coincide with the event, though any similarities to current stalwarts of the EBU staff are purely coincidental.