Club Stratified Sim Pairs

The Club Stratified Simultaneous Pairs is now finished and you will be able to find all the results and commentaries at the links below. You can leave a comment on any board through the boards pages, where you will also be able to play through the hand in the double-dummy viewer.

For those interested in how Michael did on Thursday's sim versus his computer opponents, he scored 50.7%. A victory for humanity, but just barely.

Monday 14th March Commentary Booklet
Tuesday 15th March Commentary Booklet
Wednesday 16th March Commentary Booklet
Thursday 17th March Commentary Booklet

Stratification levels

The main strat ‘A’ is open to everyone but if either member of the pair is a Tournament Master or above you will be in the ‘A’ strat and can only get master points from the overall ranking.

If both players are below the rank of Tournament Master they will be ‘B’ strat; both below Master in ‘C’ strat and both below District Master in ‘D’ strat.

Blue points and local points will be awarded to the top third of the overall ranking list. In addition the top third of each strat will get blue points and local points.