Changes to appeals agreed by L&E Committee

At the meeting of the Laws & Ethics Committee which took place on 25th May, changes were agreed to some existing terminology and penalties.

It was decided that the term “frivolous” when applied to appeals would be replaced by “without merit” (or "meritless" when used as an adjective).

After discussion it was agreed to introduce from 1st August 2016 the following revised arrangement with regard to penalties for appeals without merit: (The change is shown in italics)

    A contestant or his captain may appeal for a review of any ruling made at his table by the Director. Any such appeal, if deemed to lack merit, may be the subject of a sanction. This sanction will be both of:
    • A score adjustment equivalent to twice the standard adjustment (e.g. 20% of a top, 6 IMPs or 1 VP).
    • A financial deposit (£20 for pairs games, £30 for teams).

This was considered to be fairer as a financial penalty alone was believed to have differing impacts on different different players, whereas if combined with a score penalty it would be more equal in effect.