The Spring Overseas Congress concludes in Lisbon

The Spring Overseas Congress, sponsored by Bridge Overseas, has recently concluded, and again proved to be the highlight of the bridge year for many of the participants.

The venue this year was Lisbon, with the schedule combining a week of bridge with time to enjoy the sights of the city.

The winners were:
Swiss Pairs: Joy Blakey & Irving Blakey (both Manchester)
Swiss Teams: Chris Taylor (Essex), David Schiff, Anne Catchpole & David Wing (all London) (pictured)
Open Pairs: Jonathan Harris & Steve Root (both Middlesex)
Mixed Pairs: Sandy Davies (Yorks) & Warner Solomon (Devon); Women's Pairs: Pauline Cohen & Elizabeth Barnard (both Middlesex); Men's Pairs: Dominic Rayner (Yorks) & Nicholas Dean (London)
Pivot Teams: Malcolm Lewis, Nicky Adamson (both Kent), Elizabeth Barnard & Pauline Cohen (both Middlesex)
Pre-congress Pairs: Joy Blakey & Irving Blakey (both Manchester)

The next overseas congress takes place in Halkidiki in Greece in October.