My EBU reopens

We have just switched My EBU, the replacement for the old Members Area, back on. There are some features associated with transactions that have not yet been released live: you cannot view your transaction history or past invoices; and you cannot book into competitions online. We hope these will be available within a day or two.

Update - 31st March: We apologise for the delay in re-opening all services - this has been due to delays which were beyond our control. We hope that we will be able to commence with the majority of the outstanding services on Monday morning.

Update - 4th April: We are now able to take competition entries over the telephone, and we hope that online transactions will be available through My EBU tomorrow. Please note that the Competitions Department are working hard to clear the backlog, so if possible please enter online when that re-opens, or call them later this week when they will be less busy.

Update - 7th April: We apologise for the delay in making online competition bookings available through My EBU. We hope that this will be available in the next few days.

Update - 12th April: Online competition bookings are now available through My EBU.

If you are having problems accessing My EBU, and still seeing the message saying the page is unavailable, then perform a 'hard refresh' of the page to clear your cache - this may be shift-F5 or ctrl-F5 depending on your browser.

Members should please note that the clubs have only just gained access too, so any sessions played during the downtime will not have been submitted yet. Please be patient as they work through the backlog.