Mould & Holland, and Nelsons & Goldenfields, winners at Northern Easter Festival

The Northern Easter Festival, held in Ilkley over the holiday weekend, saw a few multiple winners.

Alan Mould & John Holland (see picture here) won the Swiss Pairs competition by a single VP ahead of Sue & Nick Woodcock. The winners of the 'non-expert' prize were Charles Burton & Eric Finkle (see picture here). Earlier in the event John paired up with Jeff Smith (see picture here) to win the Open Pairs, finishing with 70.83%.

Bernard Goldenfield & Rhona Goldenfield and Kath Nelson & Alan Nelson (pictured) were the winners of the Swiss Teams competition. They finished 4 VPs ahead of Jeff Wilkins, Ann Wilkins, Michael Tomlinson & Linda Smith. Bernard & Rhona also claimed another trophy (see picture here), winning the Mixed Pairs competition on the opening day.

The Improvers Pairs, which was also part of the Really Easy Afternoon held across multiple venue (see the London Festival news item for more details), was won by Ian Bergel & Joan Robertson with 62.96% (see picture here). Mike Dunne & Mary Norman were in second place.