London Year End: Dyke & Robertson win Swiss Pairs; tie in Swiss Teams

Kieran Dyke & Marion Robertson (pictured left) were winners of the three session Swiss Pairs competition at the London Year End Congress between Christmas and New Year. They finished on 159 VPs, with Norman Selway and Kay Preddy second with 154 VPs, and David Gold & Kevin Castner in third with 151 VPs. The highest finishing 'B' and 'C' Stratification pair were David Stern & Howard Jennings who finished fifth.

The Swiss Teams competition finished in a dramatic tie, with the team of Martin Seligman, David Bakhshi, Heather Bakhshi & Liam Sanderson taking the title (see picture here). They beat the team which had been leading the competition for many rounds - David Kendrick, Tony Waterlow, Jerry Harouni & Ray Robinson - 15-5 in the final match to draw level and take the trophy on the split-tie. The team of Tim Prior, James Thrower, Gavin Mackay & Croz Croswell were third.

The leading 'B' Stratification team was Robert Wilkinson, Colin Johns, Steve Lynch & Paul Dolphin who finished 18th=. the leading 'C' Stratification team was Harry Madden, Kripa Panchagnula, Stuart Haring & Kavinthan Vickneswaran who finished 30th=.

The Open Pairs competition was won by Phil King & Shahzaad Natt (see picture here) narrowly ahead of John Cox & Ankush Khandelwal. The Mixed Pairs competition was won by Peter Hasenson & Gill Stock (see picture here), just ahead of Chris Duckworth & Brian Callaghan.