UCL and Warwickshire Juniors triumph at 2018 Inter-University Bridge Festival

The 2018 Inter-University Bridge Festival took place on Saturday 24th February.

13 university teams took part, but it was the 'Warwickshire Juniors' team (Megan Jones, Imogen La Chapelle, Andy Cope, and young-at-heart Darren Evetts) which topped the table. The official winning university team were UCL C (Roy Goh & Ren Ziyu, Chua Teeyong & Lien Chongyou), with Imperial A in the runners-up spot, and Warwick A completing the podium.

The competition was organised by Warwick University Bridge Club, and supported by Warwickshire CBA and Coventry & North Warwickshire and West Midlands Bridge Clubs.